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In the first hour we will learn how to teach the Yoga poses to the children in a fun manner, and discuss all of the benefits the children will receive from practicing these poses.

We will also learn yoga movement games which promote teamwork, awareness, trust, and respect for each other. These fun activities also enhance math,spelling, perception skills, as well as physical development.

In the second hour we talk about breathing and simple meditations and mantras.

Most children are not usually conscious of their breathing. The yoga breathing exercises are presented as a fun activity which will bring awareness and create and channel energy and reduce stress and tension.

Using fun names such as Teddy Bare Breathing, and Balloon Breathing, I will teach four different breathing techniques that the Teachers can use with their students at all grade levels.

 I will provide short, teacher guided meditations, which are wonderful for providing a down time for the students after recess, fire drills, subject transitions, beginning the school day, mediations between students, etc.


In the first hour I will teach four different breathing techniques that the Teachers can use with their students at all grade levels. These breathing techniques will give the students energy and a sense of well being. The average person uses less than 1/3rd of their lung capacity. Being aware of and accessing this additional lung space will greatly increase the students energy level and release endorphins, thus allowing the students to focus longer and become more aware of themselves and their potential.

We will also learn a few guided meditations and mantras (themes). These are designed to set the mood and encourage an attitude conducive for learning.

In the second hour we will learn Yoga positions (asanas) and a series of short sequences, adjusting to the confines of a classroom with chairs and desks. These exercises can be accomplished within a few minutes at the beginning of class, or as a transition to a test, quiz etc. .

The Chi Gong techniques that I will introduce are pressure points on the body that the students can activate for themselves, when needed, even during class without creating a distraction. These techniques open up the flow of “chi” throughout the body, which is like an energy boost without the caffeine!